VIDEO: Little boy has heartbreaking exchange with dad over Paris attacks

This incredible message from a little boy and his dad will move you to tears

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by Fiona Day |
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When horrific atrocities hit the headlines, it can be difficult to offer assurance to our children when we’re also scared about what the future holds.

Following the horrendous attacks in Paris last Friday one man took his little boy to see a memorial covered in flowers and candles.

A reporter decided to speak to the little boy where he expressed his heartbreaking worry about future attacks, telling his dad that they would need to move away from Paris.

His kind father gently assured him that Paris was their home and that they could fight violence and ‘guns’ with flowers.

Insisting that the gestures offered by thousands around Paris can protect him from danger, the little boy was visibly comforted in the heartwarming exchange.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube where an English translation was also included.

People were quick to comment on the video and praise the brave dad’s parenting skills as he addressed the attacks to his son.

One viewer wrote: “When the kid looks at his can really tell he feels safe again. Amazing parenting. Amazing video.”

Another typed: “That smile when he says 'the flowers are here to protect us' its like you can see the worry disappear in that moment. This is amazing parenting by the guy, seriously.”

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