VIDEO: Heartwarming clip shows married father’s journey to coming out as gay

This video tells of the struggles one married father faced as he made the hard decision to come out as gay to his family.


by Jack White |
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Ben Hobson, 25, uses words to describe the difficult journey and detail everything that led up to it.

The brave father starts off by explain that his mother sadly passed away five and a half years ago and that he married his wife almost immediately after.

Less than a year after that, their first child – a girl – was born, and four years later they had a son. Ben explains that his situation should have been seen as the perfect family. But he was not happy.

He goes on to tell that, despite having a wife and two healthy children, he had a drinking problem, using alcohol to numb his feelings.

Soon though, Ben realised he couldn’t hide behind alcohol any longer. He tells viewers that he stopped drinking on New Year’s Day. It was then that he faced up to reality: the feelings he was trying to block out were gay feelings.

Following 30 days of sobriety, Ben built up the courage to tell his wife and rest of his family. He ends the inspiring and heartwarming video with this statement:

“I used to think I had to drink to have a good time… turns out I just had to be myself.”

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