VIDEO: Heartbreaking footage shows lonely dog missing owner

Warning: If you’re used to leaving your dog alone all day - you might want to change your ways after watching this.


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

A dog owner who usually leaves his golden doodle alone for upto six hours a day decided to strap a Go Pro onto his pet to see what he got upto.

But the results were so heartbreaking, the YouTube user known as Mike the Intern said he’s now ‘never leaving him again,’ after viewing footage that showed the dog’s true loneliness during the day.

After Mike leaves in the morning, the pup runs between the door and the windows looking for his beloved owner.

Then, he runs to a pile of his clothes and props himself down, occasionally howling at the ceiling.

After watching the footage back, Mike and his friends edited it into this brief clip, with the owner saying it was the ‘first time I’d ever heard him howl.’ Sob.

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