VIDEO: Would you give your coat to a shivering little boy sat alone in the freezing cold?

A heartwarming video has shown how kind strangers will give up their jackets, jumpers and scarves to help a young boy sat freezing at a bus stop…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The social experiment was set up by the SOS Mayday action network in a bid to raise awareness about the thousands of children suffering in war-torn Syria.

It involved an 11-year-old boy – an actor – telling commuters his jacket had been stolen to see how they would react.

And the responses don't just leave the little lad feeling warmer - they've left our hearts feeling warmer too.

Check it out:

"We tested the kind-heartedness of the Norwegian people," the group explains on its website.

"The situation for children in Syria is difficult. They live in fear and the nights are very cold.

"Most live in inhuman conditions, many in broken homes without heating.

"To help children in areas around Damascus and Aleppo, we give out winter jackets that they will not freeze at night."

Visit the Red Cross's Syria Crisis Appeal here if you are also feeling inspired to help a child in desperate need.

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