Video footage sparks fear of Great White shark in Cornwall

A fisherman has released footage of what is believed to be a Great White Shark swimming just off the coast of Cornwall.


by Jack White |
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Nigel Lodge spotted the 14ft shark just 20 miles out to sea, and experts are now being led to the conclusion it could be one of the famous beats.

Because of the qualities of the spotted shark, less aggressive variations of the species are being ruled out.

Dave Turner, a shark expert, told The Sun: "The most likely candidate is a Great White.

"Looking at the shape of the dorsal fin rules out other suspects."

This isn't the first time locals have feared the giant predators to be lurking the waters. Dave added: "There was a shark spotted last year by about ten different people from five different boats and that was 14ft long too."

And earlier this year a tracked Great White named Lydia was heading towards the coast of Cornwall, but she eventually changed direction.

Do you think it could be a Great White Shark?

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