VIDEO: Her father died just before her wedding, so this bride’s brother gave her the most beautiful father-daughter dance of all time

When Andrea's father died just before her wedding, she was devastated. But, thanks to her brother, she was able to enjoy a beautiful (and very special) father-daughter dance…

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Consider yourselves warned; this touching wedding video left us in tears.

Andrea's father passed away just before the wedding, after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer.

She assumed, therefore, that she would not be able to enjoy the traditional father-daughter dance at her wedding. But, thankfully, her brother was there to make sure the special moment was not lost.

He painstakingly recorded one of their father's favourite songs, Butterfly Kisses, and asked all of the male relatives in their family to help him make Andrea's wedding very beautiful.

Cue a "Father-Daughter" Dance with her grandfather, brothers and father-in-law… as everyone around them sobs.

Watch it for yourself:

The moment she begins to cry, pressing her face into her brother's shoulder, is the moment our hearts broke for her.

We're so glad that this lucky bride has so many special people around her to help lend their support at this difficult time in her life.

We have a feeling that her father would have been looking down and smiling, glad to see that his little girl was able to enjoy their special dance - even though he wasn't there to enjoy it with her.

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