VIDEO: This dog shows exactly how we all feel waking up in the morning

This adorable video clip shows one dog who we definitely feel we have something in common with- our hatred of mornings!


by Fiona Day |
Published on

This dog is certainly no ‘morning dog’ that’s for sure!

This puppy, who goes by the name of Pepper, was dreaming of long walks, running wild and free amongst long grass, scampering through parks and tail wagging adventures.

As he slumbered, he licked his lips thinking of an infinite amount of doggy treats.

Pepper was enjoying his sleep so much that he crawled under a mountain of blankets, hoping that nobody would ever disturb him from his slumber.

His owner, however, was worried when they couldn’t find a trace of the puppy.

As they lifted the duvet, a hint of brown fur could be seen. As Pepper became more visible, he gradually awoke, rolling over in acknowledgement of his owner.

Rather than greet him with an excited grin, the puppy stayed put- refusing to budge- before slowly (and adorably) returning to snooze-ville.

Watch the adorable video below:

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