VIDEO: The day a grieving man found a dying dog on his doorstep, their lives changed forever

This amazing story of a depressed man who found a dying dog on his doorstep will leave you with a tear in your eye - for all the right reasons...


by Kayleigh Dray |
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When Judy, a pitt bull mix, appeared on a stranger's doorstep barely able to move and dying of starvation, he did not know what to do.

He was grieving for his sister, who had recently committed suicide, and had heard terrible things about the breed, which many have branded "vicious; it's unsurprising that he was moments away from phoning an animal shelter.

But, in Judy's condition, she would almost certainly have been put down.

After a quick phone call to a family member, the man decided to care for Judy herself - and, in doing so, something truly amazing happened:

"I did not know that by saving her, I was saving myself from a downward spiral of grief over my sisters suicide.

"Sometimes the words 'they're in a better place' do not satisfy and comfort can only be had in the presence of a primal understanding."

Watch their amazing story here:

It's lovely to see that Judy, who was so horribly abused by her previous owners, is such a happy and healthy dog now. And it's even lovelier to know that, through learning to love each other, she and the man who found her have discovered inner peace.

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