VIDEO: British traveller’s proof that ‘rock/paper/scissors’ is played all over the world

One British traveller proved that the classic game ‘rock/paper/scissors’ is one that crosses all language barriers and is played all over the world.


by Fiona Day |
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A young British-born man was travelling across Japan in one of the country’s famous speedy Bullet trains and struggling to keep himself amused.

After exhausting his reading material for the trip and listening to the same iPod playlists over and over again, the explorer was at a loss at what to do to while away the remainder of the journey.

The foreigner struck the curiosity of a local child, who started peering nervously from her seat a few rows ahead.

Rather than look away and mind his own business, the traveller smiled and engaged with the restless, but inquisitive child.

He adorably decided to challenge the child to a game of childhood classic ‘rock/paper/scissors.’

Though they both kept an appropriate distance (this is still public transport after all), it’s easy to see that both the Japanese child and the traveller made each other’s day.

As anyone who has travelled may know, the road well trodden can be a lonely one and it can be easy to fade into the background. Little things like a friendly smile or sharing a moment of common ground can help you feel at home.

Watch the adorable video below:

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