VIDEO: Breast cancer patient dances to surgery with her doctors

This video shows a brave breast cancer patient dancing into surgery with doctors.


by Fiona Day |

Undergoing surgery can be a terrifying prospect, and for most people that walk down to the operating theatre can become a surreal blur of fear and anxiety.

But one brave woman decided to not let the fear get to her, and danced into surgery with her doctors!

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52-year-old breast cancer patient Doreta Norris was diagnosed last year and underwent a partial mastectomy of her right breast.

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When she feared the cancer would spread to her left breast, Doreta decided to bravely opt for a double mastectomy.

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Doreta had previously seen a video online of a woman dancing her way down to surgery and decided to emulate her positive attitude.

The brave woman settled on ‘Gangham Style’ as her chosen track for her pre-surgery dance.

Watch the amazing video below:

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