VIDEO: Boy gets a heartwarming cuddle… from a chicken!

Watch this adorable video of a young boy enjoying a tender hug from his new friend- a loveable chicken. Awww…


by Fiona Day |
Published on

When it comes to thinking of cuddly animals, chickens aren’t the first creatures that come to mind.But this boy has proved that chickens can be just as loveable as the likes of puppies, kittens and bunny rabbits as he enjoys a tender cuddle from the farmyard favourite.

The little boy bends down and greets the chicken with open arms as the hen heads happily in for a cuddle, clucking away with joy.

They then hold the embrace for several seconds, with the chicken resting its head on the boy’s shoulder.

The boy then gently caresses the chicken's soft, white feathers.

The hen’s friend then wanders nearby, probably a bit jealous of all the love and attention his friend is getting!

The clip might make you rethink that chicken sandwich you had planned for lunch, or that chicken dinner you had in the slow cooker for this evening.

It turns out our feathered friends love us after all!

Check out the adorable video below.

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