VIDEO: Amazing man drives over a million miles to save thousands of dogs

A man from Ohio has spent the past decade driving thousands of miles in order to save dogs from death.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Greg Mahle leaves his home every other week and drives 4,200 miles across the country to pick up stray dogs, then making several stops to unite them with people who want to own them.

His remarkable story caught the attention of the Today show in America, who produced the below video about Greg's amazing mission.

Greg unites the dogs with new owners

Over the past ten years, Greg has driven more than a million miles in order to save these pups from certain death.

'I like the world I've created' says Greg, 'I'm happy in it.'

Indeed so dedicated it Greg to his cause that he even snuggles down with some of the more nervous pups at night, calming them if they feel scared about what their future holds.

Luckily for them, these pups have good lives to look forward to. But despite Greg's amazing efforts to rehome these animals, 'backyard breeders' are still producing dogs faster than demand, meaning 9/10 end up in pounds and being put down.

We think Greg deserves a medal for this service to animals. Watch the amazing story here.

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