VIDEO: Adorable duckling just can’t stay awake

This little duckling is trying really hard to fight sleep.

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by Jack White |
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But he just can't keep his eyes open.

You know when you're really tired and keep dropping off, but manage to wake yourself up just before you fall asleep – this little ducky knows that feeling too well.

The clip shows his owner stroking him gently, which we all know is relaxing, so we wouldn't blame him for giving in and taking a nap.

But each time you think he's off to the land of nod, the duckling snaps himself out of it.

If you thought the ducky was cute, then you'll love this clip of a kitten who was too tired to even take take a drink.

The kitty goes to take a sip of milk but instead actually falls asleep sitting upright.

She didn't even have the strength to lay down first! Then the poor thing almost falls into her bowl of milk.

Unlike our stubborn duckling, though, the kitten knows it's time for a rest and eventually gives in.

Anyone else suddenly ready for nap time? Let us know what you think of the clips in the comments box below!

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