VIDEO: 47-year-old woman gives birth just ONE HOUR after finding out she was pregnant

This 47-year-old thought she was going through the menopause - but it turned out that she was 9 months pregnant!

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At 47, Judy Brown thought that she was well past having a baby.

In fact, she and her husband, Jason (who have been married 22 years), have always been of the “if it happens, it happens” approach to children.

So, when she started gaining weight, she assumed that it was just a side-effect of going through the menopause.

When she was admitted to Beverly Hospital with "severe abdominal pain”, she assumed it was all down to a blockage caused by gall stones.

However she was left stunned when nurses told her that she was a) nine months pregnant, and b) in labour.

She told WCVB News: "(The doctors said,) 'It's good news there's no blockage, you are pregnant and you are going to have her now!'"

Judy gave birth to a healthy 8-pound, 2-ounce daughter about an hour later, whom she and her husband have named Carolyn Rose.

The couple are over the moon to be parents - but were completely left in the lurch, needing to borrow a pram to even leave the hospital.

Friends and family have been running round trig to help them prepare their home for the baby - something which Judy is VERY grateful for.

A great big thank you to the dart community who rallied round for this sweet little princess. Dart shooters are loving and caring people. Thank you very much for your generous hearts. > >

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When new dad Jason was asked whether Carolyn Rose will be their only child, he replied: "I will get the surgery before it even becomes a thought."

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