VIDEO: 2-year-old cheerleader gets thrown in the air!

Watch this incredible video of a 2-year-old getting tossed into the air like a cheerleader.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Some of us have dreams of being cheerleaders (some of us grown out of these dreams- some of us don’t) spawned by early exposure to American high school comedies and movies such as ‘Bring It On.’

This 2-year-old girl has started early in her cheer career (or cha-reer?) and has managed to master even the trickiest of cheer tricks.

Watch this amazing video of her defying gravity as he dad tosses her high into the air with one swift move before catching her.

The adorable girl then strikes a pose, balancing on one foot in her dad’s hands, one and on hip and one hand outstretched.

We’re pretty sure she’ll be the cheerleading captain one day (maybe even in a few short years!).

Watch the clip below:

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