‘I’ve lost 7st thanks to marathon sex sessions’

When she earned the title of World’s Fattest Woman last year, Pauline Potter hit rock bottom.

Back then, the bedridden 52st mum – whose legs weigh over 10st each – entered the Guinness Book Of Records to shame herself into dieting, but instead her 10,000 calorie-a-day diet escalated.


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Originall published 11 July 2012

Shockingly, she couldn’t stand and relied on her son, Dillion, 19, to take her to the toilet. 

But when her ex-husband Alex saw Pauline’s record-breaking entry, he visited for the first time in three years – and, incredibly, despite Pauline’s size, reignited their sex life. They now make love up to seven times in one day, despite 10st Alex risking suffocation if Pauline gets on top.

"It’s great exercise just jiggling around.”

And she says their sex sessions are helping her slim. She’s lost 7st in seven months and, at 45st, can stand up again – but admits Alex does most of the work in the bedroom. She says: “I can’t move much in bed, but I burn 500 calories a session – it’s great exercise just jiggling around.” 

Pauline, 47 – whose son Dillion is from a previous relationship – was 32st when she met Alex online in 2002. Pauline, who then ran a daycare centre, says: “Alex didn’t mind my size.”

They married in 2005.

But she struggled to bond with Alex’s son Sherman, 23, and left Alex, who works in medical supplies, in 2008 to move to California with Dillion. She then began bingeing.

She says: “I was so down, I’d eat four bowls of cereal for breakfast, half a box of cookies and a bag of crisps with 
cheese as a mid-morning snack. For lunch I’d have a Big Mac with chicken nuggets and fries, then three portions of spaghetti Bolognese for dinner, followed by a pint of ice cream.”

Pauline hit 45st a year later and couldn’t leave the house without a motorised scooter. With a BMI of 93 – the healthy range is 18.5-25 – she suffered lymphedema, which caused swelling from her hips to her ankles and between her thighs, due to fluid retention. It got so bad, she eventually stopped walking.


Desperate to change, Pauline contacted the Guinness Book Of Records last July, hoping going public would shame her into dieting. When she was crowned World’s Fattest Woman in September, she’d hit 52st.

The publicity made Alex get in touch and, when he visited two months later, they had sex.

Pauline says: “I hadn’t had sex in three years, but we did it six times! He took charge as I couldn’t move much, but he was so attentive. I orgasm every time.” 

Since then Alex, who lives in Arizona, has visited Pauline twice a month for four days at a time, and they have continued to have sex two to seven times a day.

"I can’t buy sexy lingerie, I drape a nice sheet over me.”

She says: “We love foreplay and massages and, as well as full sex, I pleasure Alex, too. My bed is strengthened and, although I can’t buy sexy lingerie, I drape a nice sheet over me.”

Alex adds: “I never fell out of love with Pauline, we just had problems with the kids. It’s hard to position her and find her pleasure spots as she has a lot of fat in the pelvic area. But it turns me on knowing she’s satisfied. Although once, when she got on top, I couldn’t breathe.”

And their “sexathons” have had a huge effect on 5ft 3 Pauline’s size. She says she’s lost a stone a month since she reunited with Alex. She says: “I sweat off loads of calories. I call it ‘sexercise.’”

Pauline is now dieting and wants to hit 38st so she become more mobile and move in with Alex. She says: “I still eat Big Macs, but I’ll choose between fries or nuggets. I tell Alex he needs to visit more so he can help me shed the pounds quicker!”

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