US teen named Bobbie Beale receives Twitter abuse for ‘killing EastEnders’ Lucy’

It’s safe to say we were shocked when Lucy Beale’s killer was finally revealed on EastEnders.


by Jack White |
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But one bewildered teen, who happens to share a name with fictional Lucy’s little brother Bobby, was hounded on Twitter by angry fans.

As BBC One viewers saw Bobby unveiled as his sister’s murderer, real-life Bobby tweeted her fear.

She wrote: “Why are 3 people from Scotland that I don’t know, tweeting me about killing someone named Lucy…

“I’m scared for my life about my last tweet.”

Eventually the American teen managed to work out what all the fuss was about and managed to see the funny side.

She posted a snap of herself, writing: “#IdidntKillLucy”

Bobbie told BuzzFeed: “I was definitely confused. I saw the BBC tweet it, and then I realised. I looked up the show and I thought, Oh, this makes sense now, but at first I was really confused because I thought it was a real-life thing and I thought Bobby Beale killed someone and I was like, ‘It’s not me’.”

Twitter erupted last night when Lucy’s killer was finally revealed, with more than a few making their disappointment heard.

Some questioned how a boy as young as Bobby could do such a thing and then keep it a secret for almost a year.

One user wrote: “Been going school and cubs and sh_t like nothing even happened. He’s one poker faced mother f_cker! [sic]”

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