UK Earthquake: East Kent and Essex left shaken by magnitude 4.3 tremor

Scientists have confirmed that Kent and Essex were hit by a minor earthquake earlier this morning

UK Earthquake: East Kent and Essex left shaken by magnitude 4.3 tremor

by Kayleigh Dray |
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The tremor - which has now been confirmed by seismologists at the British geological Survey - was felt across East Kent and parts of Essex at 2.57am

Police, who have been inundated with calls about the tremor, have said that there has been no damage caused after the earthquake was felt across Kent and Essex.

And, thankfully, there have been no reported injuries.

A spokesman from Kent Police said: "It has now been confirmed parts of East Kent has been affected by an earthquake measuring just 4.3 on the Richter scale (British Geological Survey).

"We will continue to liaise with our partner agencies to ensure we are providing help and support in any areas needed.”

Meanwhile the BGS have taken to Twitter to share more details about the quake, including a map of the areas affected.

They added reassuringly: “Earthquakes the size of the Ramsgate event happen approximately every 2 years in the UK & approximately 4500 times in the world annual.”

People’s reactions to the earthquake have definitely been mixed, with some appearing frightened at being woken from their sleep, with windows rattling and furniture shaking.

However, in the typical British fashion, many have flocked to Twitter to make light of the quake with a hilarious new ‘We Will Rebuild’ manta.


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