Two-year-old girl walks by herself to buy sweets at 11pm

A two-year-old left her Detroit apartment and crossed a dark, busy road to buy sweets from a petrol station.

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The toddler, who was dressed in a padded blue coat and boots, casually strolled at around 11pm on her own.

To the shock of the petrol station owner, Mohamad Bazzi, the little girl browsed the aisles before she walked to the counter, set down some money and asked for sweets.

Bazzi noticed the little girl was alone, then locked up the shop and called the police.

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The petrol station owener said: "The little girl started walking around this aisle and this aisle."

Authorities arrived within minutes and the toddler was taken immediately into custody.

The toddler’s parents were tracked down at the housing complex across the road from the petrol station around an hour later.

When they arrived at the police station they were given an earful by Detroit officers.

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Police chief Kevin Coney said: "There's a (2)-year-old girl walking across the street at night!

"To a gas station! Fully dressed! And you come in, like, 'So what?'"

Despite the alarming situation the little one was unharmed.

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