Two more women found hanging from trees in Northern India

The bodies of two more women have been found hanging from trees Uttar Pradesh, in the north of India.


by Closer staff |
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One woman was just 19, while the other was 45 years old. Relatives of the two women reported the crimes to the police, claiming both had been raped before being murdered.

Police are already investigating numerous cases of rapes and hangings, including the harrowing deaths of two young girls last month.

The girls, aged 12 and 14, were gang-raped and left hanging from trees.

Their harrowing deaths caused public outcry and there were calls for the state government to resign.

Sadly, the region has a shocking record for crimes against women, with 23,569 recorded in one year, in 2012.

India brought in harsher laws last year, following the gang rape of a young student in New Delhi in December 2012.

Her death, like those recently in Uttar Pradesh have made international headlines, with human rights groups across the board asking for stricter punishments and tougher laws to help protect women in India.

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