Two kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls found barely alive tied to a tree

Two of the Nigerian schoolgirls, kidnapped in the middle on the night by terror organisation Boko Haram, have been found alive.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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A teenager, who had previously been kidnapped by the group, found the two girls in a forest tied to a tree.

'I heard the girls crying and telling the others that they had been raped, then just left there. They had been with the other girls from Chibok, all taken from the school in the middle of the night by armed men in soldiers' uniforms. We couldn't do much for them,' he said.

The leader of Boko Haram

'They didn't want to talk to any men. All we could do was to get them into a vehicle and drive them to the security police at Damboa. They didn't talk, they just held on to each other and cried.'

Baba Goni, 15, found the girls in the Nigerian jungle, weeks after they and over 200 of their classmates were taken in the middle of the night from their school.

Boko Haram want the release of some of their group members in exchange for the teenagers, although so far the Nigerian government have refused to negotiate with them.

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