Twins were born on the EXACT same day as older twin sisters after ONE IN 30 MILLION chance


Twin babies

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One mum certainly has her work cut out for her when January comes around again, as four of her young girls share the exact same birthday on the 25th of the month.

Zoe Sullivan, who is a mother of nine (yes NINE) was pregnant with identical twin girls, Erin and Leah, when she suffered complications and had be induced, meaning the babies were born on the exact same day as their older twin sisters.

Charlotte and Elizabeth were celebrating their eighth birthday on the 25th of January last year when this miraculous coincidence took place.

Zoe and her husband Ben were shocked to find out the arrival of their new additions had higher odds than winning the lottery.

According to The Mirror, mum Zoe revealed: “Our family isn’t one in a million, it’s one in thirty million.

“We had a big day for them all and did more on the weekend. Now all our kids want babies on their birthdays."

Twin babies

The four girls recently celebrated their ninth and first birthdays on what was said to be a 'manic' day.

Zoe, who's from Lossiemouth in Scotland, also explained that Erin and Leah were supposed to be due in April, but were going to be induced in March as the twins could not reach full term. However, due to complications with the pregnancy they were induced on 23rd January 2016 and born two days later.

"Erin wasn’t growing in the womb and doctors were concerned so decided I should be induced early," Zoe explained.

"By sheer coincidence, they were then born two days later on Charlotte and Isabelle’s birthday."

What are the chances, eh?

Erm. one in 30 million actually.

Having been born so early and weighing so little (Leah was 3lbs4 while Erin was 2lbs6), the twins were kept in hospital for several weeks. Erin suffered more complications and was taken to Aberdeen hospital – while Leah staying in Inverness – but was able to head home after ten weeks.

After a stressful birth and one year on, Ben and Zoe are coming to terms with celebrating four birthdays on one day (as well as their other seven children's throughout the year).

Speaking to The Mirror, Ben said: "We’ve realised that we’re going to have to budget for the 25th as it’s an expensive day now with four birthdays! We have to budget and put money away every month."

And we thought our post-Christmas budgeting was stressful…

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