Twin girls born holding hands are now two-years-old and ‘definitely really close’

Be prepared for your heart to melt

Twins born holding hands

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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Sarah Thistlethwaite gave birth to healthy twin girls a few days before Mother's day 2014 but there was a surprise in the hospital room when the nurses held up the twin girls.

Twins Jenna and Jillian were born holding hands.

Could they be any cuter?

The mum-of-three who also has a son told People Magazine: "My heart just melted.

"Even my husband got tears in his eyes – I don't know that anybody in the room had a dry eye."

When they were 19 weeks, Sarah found out that they were monoamniotic, which means they shared an amniotic sac. As the twins were sharing the amniotic sac there was a risk with their umbilical cords, and up until they were 24 weeks they were known as "mono mono" twins and they had a 50 per cent survival rate.

Although Sarah had 57 days on bed rest because of the twins, she used her time wisely and taught herself to knit through Youtube videos.

Two years on and although the twin girls are very close they have opposite personalities: while Jenna is cautious, Jilian is the daredevil.

But Sarah described the sisters as "two peas in a pod".


"Sometimes if my husband goes to the store, he'll take one twin and I'll keep the other," she told the magazine.

"When that happens, they both get really upset and ask for each other.

"They're definitely really close."

And although sometimes they cause mischief which makes it difficult to tell the difference between the pair, Sarah explained that they are both caring.

She continued: "If one twin is crying, the other will try to find a way to comfort her, like going to find a pacifier or rubbing the other's back or offering a huge.

"They always take care of each other."

We think they are both adorable.


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