Transgender woman files complaint against restaurant after homophobic slur on bill

A transgender woman has filed a complaint after a restaurant wrote a homophobic slur on her bill.


by Fiona Day |
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Amira Gray was dining at a restaurant names Bistro 18 with eight friends, two of whom were gay, when she noticed the shocking slur on her bill at the chain in Washington DC.

Amira was handed the bill which referred to the group as ‘gay b****’ under the ‘table’ section of the bill.

After pointing out the slur to the restaurant manager, the waiter serving the group was promptly fired from his position at the restaurant.

Amira was dining with friends when she received the bill (stock image)
Amira was dining with friends when she received the bill (stock image)

Now New York based LGBT rights group Lambda Legal have announced that they are to file a complaint against the restaurant before the Washington DC Office of Human Rights.

The owner of the restaurant has reportedly claimed that members of Amira Gray’s group were ‘shouting insults’ at the server before he handed them the bill.

Lamda Legal have since released a statement claiming otherwise.

The wrote: ‘Not only do we have the receipt clearly showing the anti-gay slur, but multiple members of a large group of friends who were with Amira at Bistro 18 have corroborated what actually happened that night.’

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