Should transgender issues be taught to three year olds?

Last week a charity that works with transgender children said that nursery school children, aged from three upwards, should be taught about transgender issues – using a series of illustrated storybooks about penguins.


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The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) told MPs at a parliamentary committee: “The numbers of young children transitioning in primary school are increasingly rapidly, so information and reassurance needs to be given at the earliest stage”.

They suggested using “Penguin Land” stories – one tells the story of a penguin called Polly who was ‘always really Tom’ and another about a penguin, John, who is now Sally.

But CBB star Kellie Maloney believes three is too young to educate children about these issues.

She told Closer: "I’m all for educating children about transgender issues – but three is too young. In my experience, both as a transgender person and a parent, children that age aren’t questioning their sexuality or gender and nor do they understand it.

"I realised from the age of three that I was a bit different"

"I knew I preferred playing with the girls, and felt more comfortable in their company. But no more than that.

"I was primary school age when I started questioning more. I think six or so is when children start to be inquisitive and try to make sense of things like that.

"But I don’t think using penguins to illustrate being transgender is particularly helpful – it’s just confusing. Use human beings they can relate to.

"However I can’t emphasise the importance of education enough – that’s the way taboos are broken down.

"I transitioned late partly because of the taboos around being transgender. And even now there are some – particularly older people – who are still very ignorant about it."

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