Tragic alcoholic Patricia Murphy loses 19-year booze battle

Patricia Murphy once told Closer she hoped this picture would keep her sober. Sadly drink claimed her life three weeks ago. Her partner Tony Wesson tell us why he wants the world to know her story

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It's hard to imagine how shocked Patricia Murphy must have felt when she saw a picture of herself on the brink of death, her face yellow and bloated.

It was taken by her partner Tony Wesson in November 2012 after she'd been admitted to hospital with liver failure.

He hoped if she survived, the picture would inspire her to stop drinking. Against the odds - Patricia was given just a five percent chance of living - she pulled through and vowed to curb her 16 year addiciton to alcohol.

But tragically, she relapsed last December and in April poignantly told Closer: "I know drink is killing me but I can't stop."

Sadly Patricia died earlier this month of suspected liver failure.

Patricia and Tony in happier times
Patricia and Tony in happier times

Her devastated partner Tony, 44, from Chessington, Surrey, now wants to warn others of the dangers of alcohol.

Tony says: “Trisha used drinking as a crutch when anything went wrong and it soon became an addiction. “I can’t believe she’s gone. I came home from work and found her dead. It was a horrendous shock.

“I held her in my arms and sobbed. She was the love of my life – I can’t imagine a future without her.

“Over the years, I tried so hard to help her. She went to rehab three times and Alcoholics Anonymous, but couldn’t stop drinking.

“I want to get the message out there that you shouldn’t give up on someone with an alcohol addiction, even though it’s incredibly hard at times. I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer the pain I went through.”

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