Tragedy as mother dies trying to break up fight between husband and son

Ann Hay, 55, died in Townsville Hospital in Aramac, Australia, on Tuesday - after getting involved in the punch up.


by Ellie Hooper |
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The men, who were having a bust up on the town’s main street on Saturday, caught Mrs Hay in the altercation, during which was hit in the face and fell to the ground.

She then knocked her head on the footpath as she hit the floor. Mrs Hay was taken home but her health quickly declined, and she was rushed to hospital.

Aramac is a small town in Queensland, Australia

The close knit community of Aramac, which is a small town in Queensland, Australia, has been rocked by the death of Mrs Hay, who was well known in the area.

Police have said they are still unsure who dealt the fatal blow to Ann, but did reveal the horrifying injuries she received during the fight.

‘We still aren’t 100% sure how, but somehow she received a broken eye socket, then fell to the groun and fractured her skull, had a bleed and (has later) died’ a spokesperson for Queensland Police Service said.

‘We certainly don’t know whether she got punched or walked into a punch, or walked into an elbow.’

‘We are trying our best to show a bit of compassion’ he added.

A fellow local said that Ann was a ‘terrific lady’ who didn’t have a ‘mean bone in her body.’

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