The town that’s ‘too posh’ for Lidl

A town in England has claimed it’s ‘too posh’ to become the new home to a branch of the famous German discount store Lidl


by Fiona Day |
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Over 100 residents in the town of Berkhamsted have signed a petition demanding that Lidl DO NOT set up home within the town.

Campaigners believe that the budget supermarket will ‘lower the tone’ of the commuter town, which already boasts a Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and a Tesco Metro.

One resident commented: ‘Personally don’t think it fits in Berkhamsted branding.’

Another wrote that Lidl wouldn’t be welcome to the town as it didn’t quite look the part.‘We are a Historic Market Town keep it that way! And yes Berko is pricey but we have a good looking town!’

The town is already home to Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Tesco

Another anti-Lidl resident wrote: ‘I think our traditional high streets should be protected against these poxy low budget corporations that wipe out local trade.’

One resident arguing against the new supermarket said: ‘One good thing about Lidl coming to Berkhamsted: it’ll keep the riff-raff away from Waitrose.'

A separate petition supporting Lidl has garnered over 350 signatures. Local resident John Walker, 70, who supports the opening of the new budget supermarket branded campaigners as ‘snobs’ before adding: ‘They are a lot of stuck-up, toffee-nosed twits.’

Another wrote in support: ‘I bet most or if not all the people that signed the petition are on over £50,000 a year. There are a lot of people that welcome Lidl to the town. We can’t all afford to shop in Waitrose. You are all cnobs if you don’t want to shop there for little Oliver’s , Nathan’s or Cuthbert’s lunch then don’t.’

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