Tinder fail: Unlucky lothario sends group message to 32 potential dates!

When Joshua – who we assume is now somewhere hiding under a rock – tried to snare himself a date, using Tinder, we don’t think he quite had a handle on what he was doing.


by Closer staff |
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The unlucky chap, who’s thought to be from Boston in the US, typed out a friendly message, which read, ‘Hey gorgeous :) what's up?’ to a potential date – but accidentally added in another 31 women he’d also liked on the site.

Yes, poor old Joshua ended up group texting his message and we must say, there have been some rather funny, and some rather mean, responses to his mishap.

One simply wrote, “what an idiot”, while another wrote, “Can we all stop responding now so this pseudo billionaire catfish can’t get off to this anymore?”


Maybe just stick to meeting a nice girl in a bar, Joshua.

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