Tim Harris is 27-years-old and has Down’s Syndrome. And his story is one of the most inspiring we’ve ever heard…

We positively guarantee that the amazing life story of Tim Harris, an adult with Down's Syndrome, will inspire you to follow your dreams…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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When Tim Harris was born with Down's Syndrome, the first instinct of many people was to feel sorry for his parents, as so many do with parents of Down's Syndrome children. But those people had no idea just how amazing Tim Harris would grow up to be.

Now aged 27, Tim has won dozens of medals in the Special Olympics. He's graduated from Eastern New Mexico University. He was named Homecoming King at high school. And he's followed his biggest dream ever - to own his very own restaurant.

A restaurant that not only serves up fantastic food and prides itself on spectacular customer service, but that also offers free hugs to anyone who wants them.

Check out his story below:

Firstly, we definitely want to grab a bite to eat at Tim's Place. And, secondly, we're suddenly feeling inspired to grasp our dreams and make them a reality. How about you?

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