Thousands support Twitter campaign for seriously ill baby: ‘Pray for Theo’

Thousands of Twitter users have got behind a social media campaign to ‘pray for Theo’ – a baby suffering with serious health difficulties.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Baby Theodore developed severe septicemia two days before his first birthday – and despite being told he would not survive the night, managed to pull through from the incident in January 2014.

But despite this, Theo, who was born perfectly healthy, has now been given a drastically shortened life expectancy, and lives every day dependent on oxygen and medication to stay alive.

‘I now know that Theo isn’t destined for life on this earth. His constant suffering reminds me of that daily.’

Theo developed septicemia as a result of an invasive strain of Group A Streptococcus – the same bacteria that causes the common strep throat. He went into septic shock, which caused multiple organ failure.

But although he pulled through initially, the family were told he would suffer debilitating complications from the infection.

When Theo’s mother announced on her blog last week that doctors have told the family he has not improved, a Twitter campaign began for the world to ‘pray for Theo’.

Heartbreakingly, Theo’s family is prepared for what they know is inevitable. ‘I now know that Theo isn’t destined for life on this earth’ writes his mother, ‘His constant suffering reminds me of that daily.’

She added: ‘I’m so proud to call this little boy my son.’

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