Thai murders update: British brothers and 10 other suspects cleared following DNA tests

The families of the man and woman murdered in Thailand this week are no closer to the truth, after DNA belonging to 10 suspects - including two British men - was not a match for that found on the victims' bodies.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Two brothers from Jersey, who were lifelong friends of victim David Miller, are no longer main suspects in the case, after DNA samples taken from the victim's bodies did not match with theirs.


D'avid's girlfriend Jessy posted a tribute to the 'love of her life' on her Facebook page

The bodies of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were discovered on a beach in Koh Tao on Monday, following a Full Moon Party the night before.

Since then Thai police have been accused of jumping erratically between leads, as they try to piece together the final hours of the two travellers, who had met three days previously on the island.


Authorities have confirmed that semen found on Miss Witheridge's body did not belong to fellow victim David, which raises the question of whether she was sexually assaulted by her murderer(s) before being kiled.

University graduates David and Hannah were apparently both hit in the head with a garden hoe, before David was dragged into the sea and drowned.

Both families have expressed their devastation at the loss of David, 24, and Hannah, 23, who were travelling seperately with friends.

The girlfriend of Miller, Jessy Howorth, posted a picture of David when news of his death was confirmed, alongside the message: 'We were meant to have so much more time together.'

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