Tesco ban sweets to stop children ‘moaning’ at their parents

Supermarket giant Tesco have banned sweets from checkouts at several of their stores to try and put a stop to children ‘moaning’ at their parents.


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More than 2,500 are set to no longer stock sweet treats in a bid to tackle childhood obesity and save the nerves of stressed out parents.

In the move, Tesco will remove sweets from being displayed near checkouts.

Chief executive Philip Clarke said: ‘We all know how easy it is to be tempted by sugary snacks at the checkout.’

‘We’ve already removed billions of calories from our soft drinks, sandwiches and ready meal ranges by changing the recipes to reduce their sugar, salt and fat content.’

‘And we will continue to look for opportunities to take out more.’

‘We’re doing this now because our customers have told us that removing sweets and chocolates from checkouts will help them make healthier choices.’

Tam Fry from the National Obesity Forum praised the move by Tesco, telling The Mirror: ‘It is a responsible decision to remove unwelcome temptation from the grasp of children.’

‘This is a step in the right direction - every little helps. Tesco has now thrown the gauntlet down to other retailers.’

The supermarket has been praised for removing sweets from checkouts
The supermarket has been praised for removing sweets from checkouts

Katie O’Donovan from Mumsnet also praised the changes.

She wrote on the website: ‘Popping into a shop with a small child in tow can sometimes feel like navigating an assault course.’

‘If you’ve made it to the checkout in one piece it can be really frustrating to then be faced with an unhealthy array of sweets designed to tempt your child.’

‘It’s really positive to see a supermarket responding to the views of their customers and trying to make life that little bit easier.’

Tesco follows suit of supermarket chain Lidl, who swapped sweets for packets of fruit and nuts.

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