Terminal cancer mum: ‘I just want one more holiday with my children’

Kate Evans

by Mel Fallowfield |
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Just months after single mum of four Kate Evans finished treatment for breast cancer it returned in her liver. Now she has a matter of months to live...

Earlier this year Closer magazine wrote about Kate Evans, 45, and her sister, Amy Buller, 35, who had breast cancer at the same time.

Kate was diagnosed on Christmas Eve, 2015, three weeks after Amy.

After months of treatment both sisters had gone into remission but tragically Kate’s cancer returned in February this year and spread to her liver.

Kate Evans
Kate with her sister Amy - who was also diagnosed with breast cancer (Credit: Kate Evans) ©Kate Evans

She was told at the time that if she had treatment she should survive for two years, but without treatment it would only be about a year.

Kate, who lives in Bath, says: “Nothing prepares you for that sort of news. It was horrendous. And unfortunately the chemotherapy I’ve had so far, has not only not stopped it, but it’s progressed.

"It’s very hard to think about it, I’ve got young children and I hate the thought of them coping without me around.”

Kate Evans
Kate with her friends who set up her fundraising page (Credit: Kate Evans) ©Kate Evans

Now Kate’s friends, Annette Kennedy and Eve Barker, have rallied round and set up a fund raising page so Kate can afford to take her children, Jessica, 20, Ben, 18, Lucy, 13, and Emily, eight, on one last holiday to Centre Parcs.

Kate says: “I hate asking people for anything but we need memories as a family. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.

“When I was first diagnosed with primary breast cancer I was told it was perfectly treatable.

“The chemotherapy was hard, it made me very ill but our other sister Leisha rallied round and helped me. And it felt like it was worth it as I should have made a full recovery.

“But in February this year I got a terrible stomach ache – it didn’t occur to me that the cancer would have come back. But sadly an ultra sound showed that it had, in my liver.

“With hindsight I hadn’t been feeling great for a few weeks, I’d been very tired and lethargic. But it crept up on me. This time round chemo was really tough, I knew I couldn’t be cured.

Kate Evans
Tragically, Kate will be leaving behind four children (Credit: Kate Evans) ©Kate Evans

“But the physical side effects were nothing compared to the mental ones – knowing that my time was limited. And it was worse still when scans showed it had progressed – there’s more cancer in my liver and it’s in the nodes around my lungs too.

“I’m now on a different sort of chemotherapy, it exhausts me and I need a wheelchair to get around. But I’m desperately hoping it will buy me some more time with my lovely family.

“I’m only 45, my children need me. And we need to build some memories together.”

If you want to help send Kate and her children on one last wonderful holiday, you can donate here


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