Teenager wakes from coma after violent kidnapping attempt – and discovers she’s pregnant

A teen woke from a coma to discover she was PREGNANT after being left for dead in a kidnapping attempt


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April-Lee Gillen was attacked on 20th April 2014 when she left her boyfriend's home to return to her mum's house in Lake Heights, south of Sydney, Australia.

Whilst walking home, the 17-year-old updated her Facebook with the following status: “Phones on 1 per cent walking from Warrawong to berks and some Asian guy just stopped me telling me to come home with him cause it’s safe and I need help wtf sos.”

She never made it home.

April (pictured above in photo obtained from 9 News) was found unconscious in a roadside gutter at 2am, and was rushed to hospital, believed - at first - to be the victim of a hit-and-run.

But later, after examining CCTV footage, police discovered that she had been pulled into a black BMW SUV when two men tried to abduct her.

Via NSW Police
Via NSW Police

The Year 10 student managed to escape from the moving car but injured herself - and was left for dead by her attackers.

Doctors rushed to perform emergency surgery on April, and the teenager spent more than a month in intensive care and suffered memory loss.

Medical staff soon realised that she was almost a month pregnant - and her family had no idea that she was carrying a child.

After being woken from her coma, April was given the news that she was an expectant mother.

Speaking to Australian news site Network Nine, she recalled: "I said 'Am I pregnant? Oh my goodness'.

"And then I would forget because I had that thing still where I'd forget each day."

Via NSW Police

Despite her injuries, April never considered an abortion.

"I said to mum 'It's a little baby' and I said 'I'm giving birth to him' or 'I'm bringing him into this world, so I'm not going to think about getting rid of him at all'," she said.

April gave birth to a baby boy, whom she named Jacobie, on Christmas Eve.

Police are still searching for her attackers.

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