Teenager posts video of himself brushing teeth with brush attached to gun

A teenager shown brushing his teeth with the help of an automatic gun has shocked YouTube users, with many branding him the 'stupidest teenager on the planet.'

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Luckily it has been revealed that the guns in question are just replicas of the real thing, meaning he was at no risk of actually shooting himself for the sake of dental hygiene.

In his video post on the site, he shows the camera his blue toothbrush taped to a small hand gun, before demonstrating how firing it forces the brush across his teeth and into his mouth.

However, despite not being the real thing, the power of the gun firing looks enough to knock his teeth out if he were to accidentally get the wrong angle.

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In the YouTube post, user tokiofn giggles and screams in shock as he pulls the trigger repeatedly to get his teeth clean. But after several 'shots,' gives up and ends the clip.

Unsatisfied with this attempt, he later posts a second video of himself using a larger SCAR-L gun which he feels gives better effects than the automatic pistol model.

Fellow YouTuber greezymuhfuh agrees, writing: 'Although larger and a tad more cumbersome, the SCAR-L toothbrush has more control and precision for those hard to reach areas.'

Indeed. We can't see this catching on somehow...

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