Teenager gets stuck in drain after clambering in to try and retrieve her iPhone

When she dropped her iPhone down a drain, this 16-year-old girl decided to clamber in after it - with disastrous results!


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

The 16-year-old girl dropped her iPhone 5 down the drain near her home in Dover, Kent and, rather than shake her fist at the sky and curse her rotten luck, she decided to clamber down and rescue it herself.

Armed with wellies and a towel, the teen lowered herself into the drain FEET FIRST, attempting to hook up the smartphone with her feet.

And, as you may have gathered, things didn't go exactly as she'd planned.

An eyewitness delightedly snapped photos of the stuck teen and uploaded them to Twitter, where they quickly went viral, being shared (and sniggered over) many, many times over.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service received a call at 7.17pm, asking them to come and rescue the girl - and, luckily for her, it was a quick rescue. She was out by 7.26pm.

As you can see in the photographs, the teen was helped back onto solid ground by two firefighters, who grabbed her arms and hauled her to safety - all while that giggling eyewitness continued to snap photos of the hilarious mishap on his camera.

A firefighter from Dover fire station said: "She was trying to retrieve her iPhone that she dropped down there. It's very unusual! I hear a few people have taken pictures."

The drain cover and a pair of red wellies and a towel, understood to belong to the teenager, were found next to the drain.

The girl was, thankfully, not injured, but her pride received a bit of a dent - and, of course, her phone was ruined. Fingers crossed she's learned her lesson, eh?

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