Teenager dies in classroom bullying ‘stunt’ as teacher looks on

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A teenager has died after being suffocated by fellow pupils during a bullying incident

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17-year-old Sergei Casper was wrapped in cling film and placed into a toilet before being taken back to his classroom where his teacher was present.

Unable to walk, the Russian teen fell over, reportedly ‘crushing’ his oesophagus when he hit his throat on a table.

Shockingly, the entire thing was caught on camera.

When the bullies and teacher realised Sergei was in a trouble, an ambulance was called but, tragically, the teen could not be saved.

The teen died shortly after the attack

Police are now investigating the incident amid claims that the youngster was ‘happy and popular’ before attending the school in Moscow.

One of his friends told local news: "He was a good guy, he never did anything bad to anyone and he was my friend. But the others just picked on him all the time.

“They seemed to think it was hilarious, and then they decided to take their prize back to the classroom where although the teacher was sitting at her desk, she did absolutely nothing to help him."

The school has denied being aware of the bullying, despite the teacher being present in the classroom at the time of the teen’s death.

The pupils involved in the fatal attack have since been expelled.

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