Teenage boy ‘bullied to death’ online for his love of music found hanged

A 16-year-old boy hanged himself after enduring years of severe bullying, an inquest has heard.


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Martin Holder, who was found dead in his bedroom by his parents, was picked on in part for his love of playing music and uploading videos to YouTube.

Shortly before taking his own life Martin wrote: 'The darkness ahead is not what you imagine' in dust on his window.

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Martin's father, Colin Holder, made this statement: 'We think Martin's morale was eroded away over a number of years - leading him to taking this tragic action.'

Martin loved music
Martin loved music

He also described that a few days before his death in November 2012, the teenager had given his dad a hug as he left the house 'almost as if he has made up his mind to end it all.

Colin was studying forensic computing at Gloucestershire College at the tie of his death.

The boy's mother, Marj Hamlett-Hughes said that she acknowledges her son meant to take his own life,and that they were sure it was because of bullying.

'It was not just his size and his singing, they would pick up on something and see his reaction. He was an easy target, he was a sensitive kid.'

According to Mrs Hamlett-Hughes, bullies has left such abusive messages on his YouTube videos that he had been forced to delete some of them.

'People need to be made aware of how words can hurt, it is no longer the sticks and stone rhyme.'

'Bullying is a 24-hour thing now, kids can't escape it, it needs to be stopped.'

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