Teen mum will bring up baby alone after boyfriend is killed by sunbed

A teenage mother-to-be will bring up her baby alone after her boyfriend was killed in a freak sunbed accident (stock image).


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Pregnant 15-year-old Shauna has been left distraught after her boyfriend- the father of her unborn child- was killed by a sunbed.

17-year-old Grant Adam’s jugular was pierced by broken glass after he fell into a sunbed and broke one the tubes.

He was taken to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary where doctors tried to stop the bleeding, but he medical staff were unable to keep him alive and he was pronounced dead the next day.

Shauna told her local newspaper: ‘It's heartbreaking to think my daughter will never get to see her dad through one accident.’

‘It's breaking my heart she will never get the chance to meet him even though I know he will be looking over her.’

Shauna had said goodbye to Grant just moments before he fell.

‘I found out when the police knocked at my door and woke me up. They told me he had had an accident. He had just bought his car and I thought he must have had an accident in that.’

‘They said he had fallen down the stairs. I didn't think it was serious and when I found out how bad it was I still had hopes for him.’

Grant was killed after a freak sunbed accident
Grant was killed after a freak sunbed accident

She continued: ‘When I found out he was brain damaged I broke my heart but I still had hopes.’

‘Then I found out he was dead. I would never have expected that to happen.’

Grant kept fit and healthy as a boxer, and his organs will now be donated to save the lives of others.

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