Teaching assistant suspended after feeding pet treats to school children

A teaching assistant has been suspended after she was caught feeding dog treats to school children


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The teaching assistant is said to have handed out pet treats to dozens of 10 and 11-year-olds at an American school.

"She made it look like it was a joke that they were dog treats"

And, while nobody has confirmed how many of the 75 children ate them, it is thought that the part-time staff member was passing off the pet treats as ordinary biscuits.

Richard Faidley, the superintendent for the district, said: "The treats may have been misrepresented as cookies or crackers.

"Our research on the product indicates that the treat ingredients would not be harmful to people, with the exception of those individuals with specific food allergies."

One student at New Hanover-Upper Frederick Elementary School told local news station WFMZ that he had eaten three of the biscuits, adding: "She made it look like it was a joke that they were dog treats.

"And then she came around and said, no they are cookies, they are fine."

"I do not want to take anymore food from an aide." [Stock Image]

He added emphatically: "I do not want to take anymore food from an aide."

His father also spoke with the news station, revealing that he and many other parents were shocked to hear of the incident.

He said: "They trusted the aides... What if it was rat poisoning or something? So it was kind of shocking to be honest with you."

The school contacted police and put the aide on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

However many parents have insisted they do not want her to return, with one saying: In my opinion, you put the lives of children at risk so you should be penalized pretty bad for that."

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