Teacher suspended after asking pupils to ‘take selfies with sex toys’

A teacher has been suspended after asking his pupils to ‘find their parents' sex toys and text him selfies with them’

Teacher suspended after asking pupils to ‘take selfies with sex toys’

by Kayleigh Dray |
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We guess it makes a change to fractions and worksheets.

According to reports, Wing-Wah Leung from Encinal High School, California, reportedly set the task as ‘extra credit’ for his students.

One mum told KBCW: “[The assignment] was to go into your parents’ private drawers or whatever to seek out sexual toys or condoms, or anything of that nature and to take a selfie with it.”

Leung has since said that he meant the assignment to be a joke - and that he never expected his pupils to take it seriously.

He has been backed up by several other students, who said that the “funny and cool” teacher was just kidding.

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However his joke backfired when several pupils took him seriously - and showed off their sex toy selfies to the class.

He has since been suspended and will not return to the school campus for the rest of the school year, which comes to an end next week.

The school district released a statement that said, in part, "The safety of students, families and staff is of great importance to all of us, and district staff are now taking steps to address this situation in the ways we are legally required."

They are now focusing on making sure the end of the school year is a positive and successful experience for the children.

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