Teacher captures terrifying close up of Great White Shark

A schoolteacher has captured one of the most terrifying images of a Great White Shark we’ve ever seen.

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Amanda Brewer, 25, was on a trip to South Africa when she managed to snap the awesome creature from a shark cage.

Using her GoPro camera, the American schoolteacher captured an incredible set of images, including one of the shark going in for a bite on some fish.


Amanda captured this shot from the shark cage

The shark’s huge razor-sharp teeth can be seen in full view as she lunges for her dinner.

‘I wasn’t even a little bit frightened’ said shark enthusiast Brewer. ‘When you’re there and you’re in their presence, it’s not scary. They’re beautiful and graceful, and you can see how intelligent they are.’


Amanda has hung her prize photo in her classroom back in New Jersey, to inspire her young students.

However, Amanda has faced some criticism for the bait used in the picture. Shark baiting is a controversial issue, with some maintaining this causes sharks to come closer to the shore and associate humans with food.

But Amanda said the sharks never actually receive food from them, and that the bait is pulled around from the cage to prevent the shark ramming into the bars.

Only 12 people are killed by sharks globally each year, with both cows and falling out of bed more likely to be a cause of death.

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