Teacher sacked after insulting students on Twitter

A secondary school teacher has been sacked after posting insulting tweets about her students online.


by Fiona Day |
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Teacher Lauren Rose, who brands herself as a ‘charming troublemaker,’ was working as a supply teacher at Ifield Community College in Crawley, West Sussex.

One of the tweets read: 'Not sure I have the energy (or desire) to teach feral kids all day - The f*** is wrong with Crawley children?'

The teacher then went on to write: ‘You wouldn't believe the cowface I taught yesterday - or didn't as she was swiftly kicked out of the class.’

She continued: ‘Douchey year 8 thinks this in an acceptable total amount of work to have produced in a whole 8 weeks’

The teacher describes herself as a 'subtly charming troublemaker'
The teacher describes herself as a 'subtly charming troublemaker'

The school received complaints about the tweets and launched an investigation.

When fellow social networkers accused the teacher of being ‘unethical’ she fired back: ‘Then I'll deal with the consequences.’

The school is said to be disappointed and ‘appalled’ that the teacher ‘was not setting a good example.’

The teacher posted insulting messages on social media

Headteacher of the school Richard Cowper announced this morning that Lauren had been sacked following the insulting tweets.

‘We feel that the Twitter comments are totally unacceptable, bringing the college and the teaching profession into disrepute,’ he said.’ ‘As a result we have taken full and immediate disciplinary action.’

Parents felt little sympathy towards the teacher.

'You have to be so careful about what you write on social media,' one said. 'But to be honest if you call a pupil cowface and the rest of the them feral you can hardly expect to keep your job for very long.'

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