Teacher admits forcing children to put ice cubes down their pants as punishment

A music teacher who has performed for the Queen also punished teenage pupils by making them take cold showers, it has been revealed.


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Organist James Eaton faces a ban from the classroom for the bizarre 'forfeits' he inflicted on a group of teenagers on an adventure weekend.

As a punishment for lateness or noise, Eaton would force his 13-year-old pupils to put ice down their pants and take cold showers.

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On his website he boasts that his music "has been broadcast on radio and TV and performed for Her Majesty". He was Head of Music at the Petersfield school, Hampshire between 2008 and 2011.

Eaton admitted to his sick punishment system at a National College of Teaching and Leadership disciplinary panel.

His weird actions were discovered when a teaching assistant overheard boys talking about "the secret forfeits", and nine pupils later revealed what had happened.

Other teachers were supervising the weekend trip at the Avon Tyrell Outdoor Centre in Hampshire's New Forest, however Eaton banned his pupils from telling anyone else about the punishments.

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Avon Tyrell cabin, where Eaton sat on a pupils bed for half an hour

One parent called the school to share her concern when her son told of how Mr Eaton sat on his bad for half an hour talking after lights out.

When the investigation started and Eaton was called to an interview with the assistant principal John Lodge, he resigned.

The disciplinary hearing heard of concerns that had been raised about the teacher's behaviour and conduct, as he arranged a swimming 'trip' without notifying or getting any consent from the school.

Staff searched his office and found a bundle of uncashed cheques for activites Eaton had arranged, also without notifying the school. It is reported that he paid for the trips himself.

He had sent letters to parents on official headed paper which had not been approved, and had collected money himself without telling the school's finance office.

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Eaton tried to have his tribunal held in private to keep the allegations quiet, however the case is not yet closed.

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