Students expelled after taking ‘up skirt’ pictures of their teacher

Six students have been expelled after they took ‘up skirt’ pictures of their teacher.


by Fiona Day |
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The students were expelled after being accused of coordinating a plan to take perverse pictures of their teacher.

According to reports, one student would distract the teacher whilst another would put his iPhone up her skirt and take a photo.

They then shared the photo around the school.

The incident came to head when a school administrator alerted biology teacher Kimberly Bonhert of the photo.

The teacher has since filed a lawsuit against the school (stock image)
The teacher has since filed a lawsuit against the school (stock image)

Miss Bonhert the confronted her students at the all boys school in San Mateo, California, before contacting police.

The traumatised teacher has since filed a lawsuit against the school, describing it as ‘a hostile environment,’ as well as accusing the administration of ‘failure to prevent harassment and infliction of emotional distress.’

According to reports, alongside the photos students also wrote sexually explicit and, disturbingly, violent messages to one another about the pictures.

They also allegedly possessed videos on their phones linked to the crime.

The expelled students have since been referred to their local juvenile probation department and may face prosecution for the explicit photo attack.

It is not known whether or not Miss Bonhert is still working at the school or if she is still teaching students.

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