Stranger’s act of kindness towards new mum with crying baby on plane goes viral

This beautiful story has been shared almost 100,000 times on Facebook - and it’s easy to see why it’s touched so many hearts


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Any new mum will know how stressful it can be travelling with a baby - especially when you’re flying solo.

But Rebekka Garvision was desperate to take her daughter Rylee to visit her soldier husband in Alabama, so decided to brave the glares of annoyed passengers and board a flight from Michigan.

Almost immediately, she was met with hostile stares from the couple she and Rylee sat next to - and her baby girl, already stressed from the journey, began to cry as the plane started moving.

“I'm not sure if she could tell how stressed and upset I looked or what, but she turned our day completely around"

Rebekka, feeling more and more anxious, asked to move seats to another row where there were two free seats - with the hope that Rylee would disturb fewer people.

And that’s when she found herself sat next to Nyfesha Miller.

“I'm not sure if she could tell how stressed and upset I looked or what, but she turned our day completely around,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Rylee wouldn't stop crying no matter what I would try and do, so Nyfesha asked if I didn't mind if she tried… of course I let her.”

As soon as Nyfesha held Rylee in her arms, the little one stopped crying. And by the time the flight took off, she was sound asleep in the stranger's arms.

The kind stranger even carried the baby off the plane so that Rebekka could get all of her belongings together.

Something amazing happened to me today and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for it. If anyone has ever... > >

Posted by [Rebekka Garvison]( on [Thursday, September 24, 2015](

Nyfesha said it was “not a problem”, but, to Rebekka, the act of kindness meant so much that she felt compelled to share her appreciation in a Facebook status.

The grateful mum said: “Nyfesha Miller, you will never understand how happy this act of kindness has made my family.

“You could've just rolled your eyes and been irritated like everyone else, but you took her and held her the entire flight and let me get some rest and peace of mind. It brought tears to my eyes while I sat there and watched you and Rylee sleeping next to me.

“I just couldn't believe how that ended up working out and how caring you were to us. Thank you SO much. God bless you.”

​Since the status was posted, it has already received over 600 likes, almost 200 comments, and nearly 90,000 shares.

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