This stranger’s act of kindness for a little boy on the tube will make your day

Stanley given a skateboard on the tube by stranger

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One mum Karen has shared her incredible story of how a stranger made a heart-warming gesture to her seven-year-old son

Going on London Underground with your children can be, well, a mission. People are rude, the tubes are usually fully packed at it's very hot and sweaty down there. Luckily for one family, they had an interesting journey after a stranger made a lovely gesture.

A mum named Karen explained on The Motherload Facebook page that while her seven-year-old son Stanley, her daughter and their dad were on a train journey they made friends with a stranger who left her son "beaming" for the rest of the day after he gave away his skateboard.

On the Facebook page, she wrote: "So this is my son Stanley. He is 7 and recently into skateboarding.

Stanley receives a skateboard off a stranger on the tube
Karen shared her families story on Facebook and The Motherload members are impressed

"This morning on the tube, Northern Line with my other half – they spotted a young man in a red #Vans baseball cap. He had a skateboard and looked cool. He caught their eye and he pushed the skateboard to him with a wide smile.

"They then went on to chat about his skateboard and he answered Stan's questioned… next thing they know he's getting up to leave without the board."

She then explained that unlike most people, this kind person made a lovely gesture to her son: "My other half attempts to hand it back – 'no man, it's his now' – and they tried again and he insisted, utterly.

Stanley receives a skateboard off a stranger on the tube
Stanley was left "delighted" after receiving a skateboard from a stranger

"He was delighted to give it to Stan! This boy has been beaming all day. Thank you guy in baseball cap – you should be a #Molo #Amazing #ActOfKindness – how wonderful is that?"

How sweet!

Lots of people commented on the post, one person wrote: "It annoys me when the press go on and on about “the youth of today – yada, yada”. More stories like yours please! Random acts by young people to other young people make us realise that the world isn’t so bad after all. Thanks for sharing x"

Another commented: "Fantastic story! There are great people out there!"

A third person said: "Aw yay! What an awesome thing to do, well done ‘kid in a baseball cap’! How lovely for your little boy!"

Stanley receives a skateboard off a stranger on the tube
Stanley and his older sister were on the tube when the stranger made the lovely gesture

Someone else added: "Restores my faith in the tube."

Speaking about the wonderful experience Karen, who regularly commutes on the tube, said: "Dick said that many other people on the carriage were beaming after the event too – a really happy, shiny moment.

"Personally, I’m blown away by how many likes my post on The Motherload has received. I think like myself, we all just crave a little more kindness in the world – it’s a beautiful thing and a lovely lesson for my kids.

"As mummies I think we are deeply touched by a perfectly innocent kindness towards a child – it’s deeply moving and life-affirming. I think this young man is a real credit to whichever MOLO brought him into this world and that should be celebrated!"

Stanley receives a skateboard off a stranger on the tube
Members of The Motherload Facebook page are hoping to trackdown the kind stranger

Since sharing the story Karen's post has been liked over 1.5k times and members of The Motherload group are now attempting to #FindTheSkater so they can they can tell him how much his kind gesture means to both Stan and Karen.

Aww we hope they find him.

Here's where you can read the full story about #FindTheSkater.

Do you have a story about making friends with a stranger on public transport? Has a stranger ever made a kind gesture to you? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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