Star baby girl names: the best otherworldly inspo

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Star baby girl names

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We know how daunting it can be choosing the right moniker for your new born, but why limit yourself to worldly inspirations when you can look out to the great beyond?

After all, if you're hoping to raise your little girl to aim for the stars, then it makes sense to seal her fate by naming her after one.

From Greek mythology to modern day astrology, here are some of the cutest names to give to your little girl, inspired by the celestial plane...

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Star names for girls

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Star names for girls

North - á la Kim Kardashian, after the North StarAstra/Astrid – variations on the Latin, 'of the stars'Aurora – Roman goddess of the sunriseEsther - derived from the Old Persian stāra meaning "star"Celeste – from 'a celestial being'Maren – 'the star of the sea', the old Hebrew version of Mary and all Mary derivativesRay/Rae – in homage to the sunStarr – from the Old English 'steorra', meaning StarStella/Estelle – French for starHailey – a variation on the spelling of Halley, as in Halley's CometSeren – Welsh for starCosmos – the name given to all the stars in the universe as a collectiveAdhara – the Arabic name given to one of the brightest stars in the skySol - a unisex name, the Latin word for Sun

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Constellation names for girls

Orion – one of the most recognisable constellations in the northern hemisphereBellatrix - star in the Orion constellationNorma - small constellation seen in the southern hemisphereAndromeda - a large constellation, known for the Andromedids meteor showerLyra – a Harp-shaped constellation seen in the Northern hemisphereCastor – the brightest star in the constellation of Gemini, perfect for babies born in May or JuneWolf - meaning Lupus in Latin, a constellation in the southern skyCarina - a constellation containing the second brightest star in the sky, known as CanopyMaia - a giant blue star in the Taurus constellation

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Moon and planet names for girls

Luna - meaning moon in LatinVenus - second planet from the sunPandora - heavily-cratered moon of Saturn, it was named after the first woman endowed with gifts of gods in Greek mythologyElara – Moon of JupiterFay - name given to stars, attendants of the moon in the night sky in poetryEris – the Tenth Planet, a dwarf planet discovered in 2005Gaia - a name given to Mother EarthOphelia – smallest moon of UranusTitania - largest moon of UranusMiranda - another one of the five moons of UranusJuliet - another one of the five moons of UranusAriel - another one of the five moons of UranusElara - a moon of Jupiter, named after one of the lovers of Zeus in the Greek mythologyBelinda - part of the Portia group of satellitesBianca - one of 13 (yes, 13) inner moons of UranusDespina - an inner moon of Neptune, also known as Neptune V (though not as catchy)Galatea - another inner moon of NeptuneLarissa - the fifth moon of NeptuneDione - a moon of Saturn with giant ice cliffs

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Astrology names for girls

Aries - latin for RamLibra - the seventh sign in the ZodiacDelta - Leonis, a constellation in LeoEta - of Leonis, a star in LeoTheta – of Caprioni, a star in CapricornGemini - the third sign in the zodiacLeo - a unisex name and the fourth sign in the zodiacVirgo - the sixth sign in the zodiacSagittarius - the ninth sign in the zodiac

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Star names for boys

Archer - a skilled bowman reminiscent of the constellation Saggitarius. Astrophel - Astro for short, Astrophel is the name given by poet Sir Philip Sidney to his male star-crossed lover. Caelum - the older cousin of Callum, this name is an ancient word meaning 'stars in heaven'.Cittali - An unusual name with Native American roots, this simply means 'star'. Felis - a cosmic moniker meaning luckyHesperos - in Ancient Greek, Hesperos was the son of Atlas and means 'evening star'Indus - meaning 'star' in ancient Hindu languagesPollux - from the constellation of GeminiCastor - twin of Pollux in the constellation of GeminiRasalas - in Arabic, this means 'the northern star of the lion's head'Samson - Sam for short, Samson is the Hebrew name given to The Sun.Tarak - in ancient Sanskrit, Tarak means 'star' and 'protector'

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Unisex baby names

Rocket - perfect for any big little personalityLynx - a super cool name also given to a major constellation in the Northern HemisphereMehr - The name of the seventh month in the Persian calendar, this name also means 'sun' and 'friendship'.Orion - one of the most recognisable constellations in the northern hemisphereVesper - in Classical Latin, Vesper means 'evening'Dara - in Turkish meaning 'star', but in Ancient Hebrew, meaning 'Pearl of Wisdom'

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There's so much to think about when naming your child, from whether or not it suits them to the potential for unfortunate nicknames in school.

Stacey Solomon recently gave birth to her first daughter and, though she didn't opt for an astronomical inspired moniker, she made sure she was giving her the right name by 'trying some out for size' in her first few days.

After much deliberation, Stacey wrote on Instagram, “🌹Rose🌹 Opal, Esmè Solomon-Swash. ❤️

"Our beautiful flower - Our precious jewel - who is ever loved. It’s been the most magical week. We love you to the moon and back our little Rose 🥺🌹 We feel so so lucky to have you here… Thank you all for your loveliness, your kindness and just being there at 3am for a chat it’s been the best. Love you all 🌹❤️".

Star names for girls


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Prior to the announcement, Stacey had asked her followers for their suggestions, saying, “My mind is completely blank.

"There's a few we love so we are calling her those at the moment and seeing which one suits her the best I know that probably sounds silly."

If you're struggling to land on the perfect baby star (or moon!) name for your daughter, why not follow Stacey and fiancé Joe Swash's cue by trying out some of our suggestions to find the right fit?

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