Squirrel arrested for ‘stalking and aggressive behaviour’

A squirrel has been arrested after a ‘nutty’ stalking incident


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Ah, squirrels.

As in, yes, the small to medium-size rodents.

Known to spend their time in trees, these bushy-tailed critters usually don’t normally get involved with human activities.

However this isn’t ALWAYS the case…

Yup, a woman in Germany recently complained to police that a squirrel was STALKING her, which resulted in the arrest of the rodent.

Police in North Rhine-Westphalia received the bizarre emergency call from a stressed woman in Bottrop on Wednesday, claiming that an “aggressive” squirrel was “chasing” her.

The woman tried to give the rodent the slip but eventually rang the police out of desperation.

Members of the force updated their Facebook page, explaining their agreement that the squirrel was behaving “aggressively”, adding that they had “arrested” the creature.

They brought the squirrel to the station, where it was suffering from exhaustion, so the officers fed him pieces of apple and honey tea, reports The Local.

The squirrel will be sent to a rescue centre when he is well enough.

This isn’t the first time that these rodents have been causing havoc. Earlier today, a badly-behaved squirrel at a club in Worcestershire caused hundred of pounds of damage after turning on a beer tap and knocking over glasses and beer bottles.

Watch out guys. These squirrels are on the loose.

Written by Abigail Wilson

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